Knit Purl Knit

So we’ve dropped out of doing lessons from x to y time, day to day.  Seems to be that five weeks of it was a novelty as we all gave it a try, but we’re back to the tried and tested method, at least in our family, of learning in the moment, any time of day or night, all the year long :0)  Takes a load off us all, though loads are strengthening things to carry around, as long as one knows when it’s time to put the load down or suffer injury instead of gaining the virtue of strength!!

My mother came to visit two weeks ago and taught Miss T., Little Man, and myself how to knit.  We’ve been knitting away since, and Tenderfoot finished off her first piece: a bonnet for Goldilocks.  She even hand sewed her a back and forth dress to wear and was pleased as can be to dress Goldi in her new clothes.  Little Man is very dextrous with his fingers and goes through the knits pretty quickly, he even purled after looking at the diagram in the Knitting with Kids book that only now is making any sense to me.

Last week mama came down for my birthday and showed me how to purl, increase, decrease, and bind off at the ice cream parlor.  Greatest of all presents, I love knitting and knit daily whenever there’s a moment . .   . then Little Bird comes along and happily declares “the end”.  Have been knitting and purling every other row and love the pattern that emerges, but when I knit/purl and so on, something odd happens to the stitches.  Have yet to figure out what exactly but I end up with more stitches than before . . ..  something seems not right!!!  As for decreasing and increasing, hmmm, that’s a little fuzzy too, bUt yes!  I can bind off.  Am working on legs for a knitted doll from the Knitting with Kids book.  So far so good.  Signed up with Ravelry and was utterly amazed by the things one can do with yarn and sticks.  Not to mention: overwehlmed by the patterns . . . must remember: “ahestaa ahestaa” (slowly slowly).

Comments welcome . . .

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