Bookworms and a Bird

Tenderfoot is rarely to be seen without a book in her hand.  Something has overcome her:  reading  (all the time).  It’s now at a point where the other children have to literally beg her to play with them, and she does, somewhat grudgingly, for some alloted amount of time after which she hurries back to her book.  Outdoors, indoors, upon waking, at bedtime, and all day in between.  She tries bringing her book to the dining table, but I draw the line at reading while eating and also while in a moving car.  It’s astoninshing to me, watching her curled up in the rocker or sitting under a tree, so absolutely absorbed in the words before her.  What happened to my baby?  Her concentration is complete, for she is unresponsive to any disturbances or sounds unless right under her nose.  Every now and then I hear laughter and giggles when she reads soemthing that is funny to her.  Sometimes she’ll come and share whatever it is with me, reading whilst choking back laughter.  And then back she goes to finish her book.  We ask her to tell us about what she’s reading, and this she is happy to oblige us all with.  She sees pictures of the story in her head but we have to make our own :0)

The girls found a wounded goldfinch and brought him in to show me.  The Cat-tea Mao had been walking about with the bird in his mouth.  When he dropped him, they picked him up and wanted to heal him.  So the bird was held in warm hands for quite a while . .. .  to give him warmth you see . . ..  and he was examined for bite marks and wounds.  He was then made comfortable in a box lined with leaves and feathers and twigs and birdseed.  The box was kept out of Little Birds reach, lest she interfere with the neccessary healing by picking him up too often.  About six hours later he was pronounced dead.  Tenderfoot observed that he was a lot heavier now that he’s dead.  Stormy wondered how could he be dead, his eyes are still open???  Little Man simply stated, he didn’t understand why the girls took the bird from the cat in the first place.  Seemed wasteful to him to take away what the cat had been hunting.  After all, he’s dead either way right?


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