Lunar sightings

oh joy to wake up in the wee hours of the morning. all is still and dark, save for my nursing baby and the moon. little bird suckles away, having woken us both up. she was in a wet diaper; now in a dry one she is ready to go back to sleep for a few more hours. as for me, there is the big round moon to see right outside the window. she is dropping down under the tulip poplars; silvery green: she casts an eerie glow about the sillhouetted branches.

it takes her longer to set than to rise, for just last night cheeba and i went out and marvelled at the speed with which she rose from under the horizon, above the trees, past the turtle cloud in the sky, and then seemingly stopped. there we were, still are, turning at the same time on earth. and so was the bright red planet that shot up into the sky beneath her. turn away, let’s spin!! do the stars turn too?? she was rosy pink above us all, and parts of the sky were blue. then glory of glories, as we turned i saw not one but two moons reflected back on the window. two moons! amazing.

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