Primrose in Fairyland by Tenderfoot

Once upon time, there lived a young girl named Primrose, Rose for short. One day Rose was walking in the woods, when she saw a cave entrance. Primrose had been here before to explore. Primrose went to the entrance and looked in, all was clear so she went in and found herself on a landing. The passage divided in two places: left and right. Primrose decided to go right; she had been left last time. So she went right. She saw a door and opened it inside she saw a box and a window of clear crystal. Suddenly she heard footsteps in the passageway, so she hid in a cupboard, but she was unlucky, the person was headed right for the cupboard. But oh DEAR, the man was not pleased to see a person in a room that belonged to him. He said in a slightly annoyed voice who are you and how DID you get in here. Primrose said my n-name is Primrose and I got in by the cave entrance. The man stared at Rose and said well you got in now you can go back out. Rose slid out of the cupboard and out of the room and down the hall, out the cave entrance and back into the woods. She went home for lunch and told her mom about what she had seen.

After lunch Rose went back to the woods to explore somewhere different, she went in an entirely different direction. When she saw a hole she went and looked down it, she saw a hall leading out of sight. But this time she knew better to go down before knocking so she knocked three times. A door opened in the wall. Rose went down and looked around. She saw 300 maybe even a 1000 of them. Rose was about the same size as them. She asked where she was, and they said she was in fairyland. Rose said I like this place, I feel like staying here. You can’t, said the fairy she was talking to, the king and queen don’t allow it. OH DEAR said Rose but I must because it’s getting late in the world where I live. And I can’t walk home in the dark. O.K you can only stay one night or the king will find out so quick come with me. As Rose went with the fairy the fairy told her her name, it was Lily. It’s a very nice name, my name’s Rose. That’s also a very nice name said Lily. Thank you said Rose, but where are we going. We are going to my house said Lily. Do I have to go home tomorrow morning right away? asked Rose Yes unless you want me to get in to trouble answered Lily. Oh NO I don’t, I would BE simply terrified said Rose with a frown. Then don’t make me, said Lily. I won’t, don’t worry said Rose. She headed right for the door of Lily’s house and disappeared inside. I’ll see you at dinnertime yelled Lily.

Inside Rose saw a door. Now, I wonder what’s BEHIND THIS DOOR? Rose OPENED THE DOOR, behind it there was a KEY. I wonder what this key open’s? Suddenly Rose remembered about dinner, she hurried into the dinner-room. Rose found Lily waiting for her. Where have you been? asked Lily. I was just looking around said Rose. After dinner Rose went with Lily, and up to bed in the bedroom. Rose went to sleep. In the morning Rose got up and had breakfast and then she knew she would have to leave. So Rose went out and back up the hole and back i to the forest. When she got home she told her mom and said I am going to go back to the hole tomorrow-morning to see a few more THINGS. See I have a key that I am going to find out what it opens. The end.

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