Get to know your neighbours, be they big or small,
Get to know your neighbours, one and all.

They might be crawling or creeping,
Even curled beneath a log sleeping,
You may see them in the air,
Or caught on a strand of your tangled hair,
Could be they’re thorned,  or four legged and horned,
Swimming and scaled, or roaring and tailed,
Maybe they’re waving their arms in the breeze,
Or shaking their branches free of leaves.

Get to know them I say, follow them while you play,
Touch them, smell them, know them by sight,
Listen to them speak to the stars in the night,
Some will be friends and some will be foe,
There will always be ‘something’ that let’s you know,
Which is which and who is who,
Look outside and inside and you’ll feel what is true.

So know your neighbours be they tiny or tall,
Know them well, one and all.

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