The Blanket.

There once was a boy named Yeod. He had a blanket and it looked like a one dollar bill. Every night he slept with it on his bed because it was very large. Every day he wore it like a cloak or spread it out in the sun to lie in. The reason he did this was because he never could get rid of that blanket. He tried, he really did, and every time it would always return to him like a magnet.
Yeod decided one day that he wanted a new blanket. So he set out along the dusty road to find someone who could take his blanket away so that it would never return to him. Then he would return home and get a new blanket. But first he had to find someone who had that power . . . . .

By a field of black and white cows, he met an old man.
“Grandfather,” Said he, “Can you help me get rid of this blanket?”
“No, my son,” Replied the old man, “I have not the power but if you go just a little ways down this road, you will meet my brother sitting besides a silver stream. Perhaps he can help you.”
And so Yeod thanked the old man and set off again.

It was not long before he met another old man sitting besides a silver stream. He was older and more stooped over then the first.
“Grandfather,” Said Yeod, “Can you help me get rid of this blanket?”
No, my son,” Replied the old man, “But if you go just a little ways down this road, you will meet my brother sitting by a forest. Perhaps he can help you.”
Yeod thanked the old man and set off again.

It was not long before he met an old man sitting on a broad rock under the shade of a giant oak tree.
“Grandfather,” Yeod said, “Can you help me get rid of this blanket?”
“Yes, my son!” Replied the old man with glittering eyes, “Give me the blanket and take this one. It is a very pretty one, my son.”
Yeod was very happy and gave the old man his blanket and ran away down the road, his new blanket clutched in his hand.
It was not until he reached the silver stream that something struck him as odd: The old man had not been sitting in a forest. He had been sitting under an oak.
Quickly he ran back and found the old man gone. In his place was another old man, lying on the ground, rubbing his head and groaning.
Yeod knelt at his side and asked him what had happened.

The old man said, “my son, a curly haired man came and hit me over the head as i was going to see my brother. He disguised himself as me and took my place. When i came to, i was lying here.”
Yeod told him what he had done and the old man looked at him with a grave face.
“My son,” He said, “You must get that blanket back. It is a very special blanket and it is filled with terrible weapons of war. That man was a wizard from our enemy. He took the special key from me that opens the blanket. If he gets that blanket to his land, we will be hopeless. You must go and stop him before he gets there!”
Yeod stared at him in horror. What had he JUST done? This was horrible!
“Which direction did the wizard go, Grandfather?” He asked, “I will set off after him and right what i have done.”
“He will have gone towards the desert, my son,” Replied the old man, “You have courage, my son, so take this bag of dirt with you. Farewell!”
Yeod bid the old man farewell and set off for the desert.

Soon he meet an old camel sunning itself and grumbling to itself.
“Why do you grumble, Camel?” Asked Yeod.
“It is the rude wizard with a blanket that looks like dollar bill,” The Camel replied and Yeod’s heart leaped, “He said that i was to slow and he left me hear. Mean thing!!!”
“I will ride you even if you are slow,” Yeod said, “Can you take me to the wizard?”
“Indeed i can. Climb up onto my back!”
Yeod obeyed and the Camel set off.
Soon they saw a camp in the distance.

Yeod got off the camel and crept up to the camp. It was brimming with soldiers and in the very center of the camp, hanging on a silver stand, was his blanket. The curly haired wizard stood by it, a rod with a three leafed clover at its end in his hand.
Yeod was very glad. The wizard had not opened the blanket yet.
He went back to the Camel.
“Listen, Camel,” he said, “I want you to go running into the camp and cause a panic. Then i will go and get the blanket while you are doing this. Then we will make off together.”
The Camel nodded to show he agreed and then he went and got his friends, the Red Scorpions. Then they all charged the camp.

Yeod crept back and watched. Every soldier started to run away from the poisonous Red Scorpions. Yeod saw that the wizard had touched the blanket with the key and riffles, helmets, and swords were tumbling out.
he rand down to the blanket and flung the bag of dirt into the wizard’s eyes. Then he grabbed the blanket and all the weapons and fled into the desert.
The Camel and his friends soon joined him.
Yeod bid them farewell and set off home.
He found the three old men sitting under a big oak, waiting for him.
Yeod told them what had happened to him.
“Together we must burn the blanket,” The first old man said.
And so they did and no sooner was it in ashes then a new blanket that looked like the Camel with the Red scorpions gathered around it’s feet came floating down through the branches and into Yeod’s open arms.


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