skunk cabbage::black and white # 4

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I find myself turning to skunk cabbage for today’s pictures, she holds potent medicine for me yet, along with a smell seductive to the flies that heed her call to pollinate.  This is the only time I see her in bud form, tight burgundy splotched with yellowy green, and I only find her like this in water rich places where springs trickle out constantly overflowing, making mush out of leaf and mud.  In dry land, devoid of water, she pops out like a curled up hosta-looking plant without the burgundy hood, and opens up into a hostaish-cabbagy plant with far less to smell.  She’s more he-like in those places, and far less frequent in presence, making good medicine for different conditions than what calls me to her neck of the woods . . . .

Where you see her here, she unfolds with her skunky fetid smell wafting everywhere, billowing in the clear spring air, and to sit with her for a bit is to be immersed in dampness that’s clear.  She is a work horse, her roots filter the spring water in tentacaly mass and she takes this substance and grows from it.  You can literally taste and smell what she has cleared from the water :::: sharp pungent oxalic acid biting::  and made use of for her own survival, which also benefits the water as it flows on toward the creek where it tastes sweet oh sweet!  Here the mint and nettles and other beings that grow alongside and gain and give nourishment from the sweetwater are as they are for the skunk cabbage has done the work necessary to their relationship to be successful. I love this plant and have enjoyed being with her again, thank you skunk cabbage 🙂

Woodland Gnome in Virginia keeps a blog that I follow, for her keen eye pairs images and quotes in a way that I find inspiring and she also writes about gardening, which is another activity that I love.  Be sure to take a look around her site when you visit, it holds treasures in unexpected ways and places, such as this yummy post 😉 She invited me to join this black and white 5 day photo challenge and her 4th day can be enjoyed here where she shares pictures of her perennial starts.

I am inviting Ady of Color PaletteofAdy to join the black and white photo challenge today. Ady is in India and not only does she take lovely pictures showing the sights where she lives, she has another blog where she has writings that I’ve enjoyed as well. If you cannot go to India, take a little peek of the gardens there over here.  I hope Ady will join the challenge!

The rules are quite simple:

  1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in black and white.
  2. Each day invite another blogging friend to join in the fun.
perfume to lure
perfume to lure

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