simon and the skyman


Simple Simon met a Skyman

All on a summer’s day,

Said the Skyman

To Simple Simon

“Will you be ballooning today?”


Said Simple Simon to the Skyman

“No, not for love nor the sweetest of honey

For of heights I’m afeard

By the hairs on my beard

Be it cloudy today or clearly sunny!”


Says the Skyman to Simple Simon:

“By the hair’s on your beard if it is that you’re afeard

Want to see how de do clean shaven?

Perhaps that’s how ballooning you be braven’.

We’ll put the honey in a jug

Give you a happy jig and a hug

Pour the love into a cup

I’ll be the one to take it up!”


Says Simple Simon to the Skyman:

“Why with my hairs all shorn

I’m as brave as a newly born!

Yes, let us up and away

With you I’d love to play,

I’m in splendid company

Oh, the sights that we’ll surely see!”


That then is how Simple Simon

Went so high up with the Skyman

All on a summery day,

And when they came back down

Love was running on the ground,

Simon’s beard it had grown back

Shiny, bristly, thick and black,

The potion it was gone

Poured into a Simple Song

Simon thanked the merry Skyman

And gave him pies then he skipped along.


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