Yellow Planetary Star

3.17.16 Transforming Blue Storm Wavespell

I walked the trail with Wolf this morning, it was dark; Yellow Star as yet not doing the rounds. Wolf beckoned me to hearken and on quivering feet I followed his salt and pepper body, silvery streak on a gravelly trail, he led me deep on a path to a conversation held in circle where this is what occurred:

Coltsfoot was gathered with Oak, Pine, Citrine, and Jasper. He invited me to join them. I sat on my haunches, Wolf kept watch from the sidelines.

Oak spoke first, with wisdom borne of ages, “Your smile is a gift. Give it to what’s worth while, then it will last more than a mile or two; a smile freely given is a fleeting thing when frittered about, give it with cause to count.”

Pine sticky with spicy sap spoke next, “Climb hills, climb high and far, reach for the Daykeeper, Yellow Star; first seal your leaks that make you weak where thoughts drain out into the collective confused shout and contamination returns through holes. We Pines know clarity, build immunity to illusionary matters, then go on and sing your song, we’ll sweep it up to Wind with our needles, pass it on and sing along.”

The talking stick passed to Citrine, who twinkled while speaking, “Prosperity is born of purpose. Apply perception in seeking what is substantial, move with delight, be bright, after organization with relation to origin nation, I will aid you on your road in creating an abundant abode.”

Jasper spoke slowly with the steadiness of Rock, “Burning sands, burning lands, burning hands, burn burn burn; to move mountains turn and grow roots. Roots run deep, they hold power to tumble down the tallest, Babeling tower; keep the fire lit and ready for embers are what burn steady.”

“Cough it up Sister,” stated Coltsfoot, “Spit it out! Got something stuck in your throat? Choking on it? Come on, I’ll tickle it for you, bring it!”

“Well,” I blurted out, “My vote’s with Dandelion and I’d like to tune in, frequent the frequency that seeds this kin, in a way that’s purposeful and true though it may be bitter to bear by heart’s filled with rue. Last night I dreamed of old friends made new, happiness expressed without wile or guile, straight from the heart I flew, true. Holding hands with a friend long gone on his way, I was filled with peace as we rode the dream bus for a day; then Squirrel came and laid down in a box and I said adieu to that wily old fox with a smile.”

My companions and I chanted, each in our unique voice, together; a song of praise woven to invoke Al-Musawwir (The Shaper of Beauty), Al-Aziz (The Victorious), Al-Mughni (The Enricher) and Al-Karim (The Generous), Al –Haadi (The Guide), As Samee ul Basir (The Hearer and Seer of All), and Al- Maani (The Preventor of Harm). When we were done we sat together for a spell, then Wolf called the circle to a close disappearing in the light of Dawn, Daykeeper had arrived.

I walked the trail back home, my thoughts filled with mandalas: the creation of a mandala to embody each of Spirit’s attributes. When I returned home I beheld a miracle:: Catt-e-mao, having been long gone for a full season returned, risen as if from the dead restored in health, vigor, and vitality! My heart is swollen with gratitude this day, nectar overflowing into our hive with happiness at seeing my friend again, alive and mewling well!

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