Spectral Lunar Waters

3.18.16 Transforming Blue Storm Wavespell

Opposition completes

Rouses inertia

Challenges wit

Respects individuality

Enhances awareness

Awakens rapport

Supports intercourse

Embraces duality

Engaging harmony

Within community.

Competitions frozen smile is absent from its eyes

Held in a tight visage with a singular agenda,

In differences drawn

Divisive disruptive

Discordant dissension dominating,

It serves itself as

Mostest, bestest, rightest, mightiest

Crosses the finish line fastest;

Distempered if it discovers

It was running solo.


Opposition fosters

Competition festers.


Haadi says:

“Be aware from what cup you drink,

Let your response befit the libation offered,

Suffer neither fools nor the wise

Both originate under the same skies

Celebrate the fool for the wise man he’ll come to be

Celebrate the wise man the moment you behold and see

Though roses have thorns tis true

Haadi is wary of thornless rue.”

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