Earth Teach Me

3.25.16 Wise Yellow Human Wavespell

Earth teach me acceptance, to let things be as they are, to see when a person has done their best and leave it to rest, including myself by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me forgiveness, when I stumble and fall to see the softness of the ground, to kiss my bruise and love it tender until it’s whole again, to do the same for another, I appeal only to Allah for forgiveness and am forgiven, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me grace, to know that there is a season for everything, to see beauty even when things come to a close, to be grateful in all endeavors big and small, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me humility, to enjoy what I see through my eyes without pride or thinking it makes me better than any other, to know that what I witness is here to be Seen, to remember that I know not what another sees through their eyes no matter how high in awareness I feel like I rise, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me harmonic communion, how to shape and move and flex and bend strong yet supple and limber, swaying and twining for the benefit of this tribe I have been blessed to caregive, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me attraction of the beneficial, wholesome, and good, the way bees find their way to nectar and pollen and hive for the benefit of flower, forest, fungus, friend, and family, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me patient loving kindness, to tend to myself and others even as trees sprout mushrooms from holes drilled by birds without wrinkling up their noses at who is who when they come with openness and sincerity, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me listening, the way that rocks listen without interrupting, holding space quietly for all who come to speak, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me silence, with voice given to integrated communication, deliberate and heartfelt, considerate words spoken true, meticulous as spider weaves her web, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me collaboration, grow me in ways of reaching out to another, show me what is mine to be Seen and Heard true with all senses attuned, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me to own myself rightly aligned, be mistress of my abode, queen of my realm as given to me by Allah, may it be a sanctuary and a haven, by Allah’s Grace.

Earth teach me to be aware of my boundaries and limitations, to honor them, to not cross my own lines, the one’s set by Allah for my good and the good of my tribe, by Allah’s Grace.

Allah thank You for creating Earth, for Earth being my teacher, for teaching me, for all the teachings that come to me being for the wholesome benefit of my tribe, for safeguarding us against any dangers You, All Knowing, perceive that I in my ignorance may be blind to or misunderstand, for all teachings to be within the boundaries of Your Protection and all else withheld, for continuing to teach me here where we are all in spirit with You, Allah, all ways, always, unto there where You, Allah, is with us allways, always, wherever we are, we are by Your grace, there is nowhere we are without You Allah, Created as we are by You alone, for there is none unto You Allah, neither Earth nor I nor any Other, we all come from and return to You Allah, All Mighty Rabb, Malik, Ilahi, Ahad, The One Creator from whom we are all created.

In Love in Light in Trust, From my Heart and Lips to Allah’s Ear, may none other than Beneficent and Merciful Allah’s Will be Done. Ameen.

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