Foxfire Man

5.21.16 Blossoming Yellow Seed Wavespell

“She knows the past, she forecasts the future; she knows how to turn maxims, and solve riddles; she has foreknowledge of signs and wonders, and of the unfolding of the ages and the times.”

~ Book of Wisdom 8

Foxfire man came to me at night, his hair back lit by sylvan moonlight streaming in clean windows. He was tall and gaunt and dressed in browns, his face devoid of smiles or frowns.

I was in the bright pantry of a rickety house filled with books galore on topics that ranged from cat and mouse, events and people in days of yore, poetry, prose, recipes for rhubarb-strawberry jam and smoked ham, scents for the dreaming nose to follow, how to find the bee tree hollow, butchering hogs, finding mushrooms under logs, and towers stacked with books holding more than I could possibly read in a day! Weeks, months, years to be sure, and this is where I was listening to Eli offering me a book to borrow until no dated tomorrow, while gazing at titles and bindings, recognizing some as ones I knew, including the one he suggested, when the Foxfire man said from behind me,

“What’s your mantra for the week?”

“Waking,” I replied resolutely and then he disappeared.

I turned and stated blandly, “Thanks Eli, I have that book already.”

And then I disappeared into the blackness. Where had the moonbeams gone? Why was it pitch as tar? I wondered as I walked to the car bearing my mantra for the weak or was it for the week? Foxfire man where did you come from? Foxfire man where have you gone? Foxfire man won’t you take me along?

First you must do your work of waking, waking, waking, do your work.

Prick up your ears, follow the scent with your nose, hunt, gather, bring it all together. See in the dark, see the dark; is that what you’ll be waking?

True North. Connect. I. Cut. Navigate the eighteen-wheeler.

The driver drives, he knows how to operate this chariot, understands how it works.

Forward, backward, brakes, be sure to stop for breaks, replenish, restore, drink water aplenty then drive on between twenty and eighty; and trust that when he has to make turns he’ll make them!

Foxfire man where did you come from? Foxfire man where have you gone? Foxfire man won’t you take me along?

Waking waking, singing the waking song.

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