On Dreaming


Red Self Existing Serpent Green Castle of Transcendence Wavespell

This is a bit of what I’ve pieced together about the Dreamworld, for there are dreams that won’t let go and are insistent, asking for attention; to interact with them asks for more than simply dreaming, though there are dreams of that sort too, where it’s enough to dream and let the dream be, but these other ones that persist, they ask that we bring ourselves to them fully, therefore one must be coming to them with some awareness of what the Dreamworld means, personally, one on one and these are my findings from tracking dreams as to the nature of Dreamworld for me, today:

It has its own landscape, architecture, and people that are frequently changing and are not fixed in aspect: animals, humans, elements, fairies, mountains, rivers, cities, and a host of other entities. It has a terrain, all of which is the language used by dreams to present information; mainly in imagery in a way that is relevant to the dreamer, sometimes given as clear directives, others in an obscure pictorial, sometimes as riddles that challenge the dreamer to yearn and seek the answers, not so much for the sake of the answers themselves but as an engagement with the journey one is on.

I’ve come to learn that when I dream I don’t know where I’m going even when ‘entering’ through a place previously dreamed, and I’m not attached to knowing because with not knowing there’s an alertness that triggers an unfolding and this is the place where change and shift happens, which is what excites me. Even while excavating dreamscapes and retrieving information, I don’t assume it’s complete in any way, as often over time that too changes and gradually becomes clearer; it’s all pieces and the puzzle is alive and moving based on the movement of all the spheres and the universe outside of my perception::where I may place a piece that fits today, tomorrow the adjoining edges have changed so as to no longer fit and the piece becomes something unknown once again. Ebb and flow. A large part of it is not believing in anything, believing in nothing so to speak, yet simultaneously walking with nothing but absolute faith that one will swim when diving into the stormiest of seas or fly when jumping off the edge of the cliff . . . . whether one ‘believes’ these things or not is irrelevant and unneccessary, what is required is faith that one will fly and another one will swim and a third will grow a fifth head and a forth will hang upside down and remain untangled from the sticky web that’s growing and so on.

How to extract meaning from all the imagery?

Ask a lot of questions without expectation of answers, more so than to walk and talk with questions and curiousity, which helps in learning to sort and identify how one personally holds with and relates with the shapes and forms, feelings and sounds, scents and thoughts coming through. This then emerges as a collection of markers and clues as to how to read the map of dreaming, though even the map over time will shift as it is not ‘reliable’ in the sense of a paper map staying the same day after day. Today’s rabbit may not be tomorrow’s rabbit, though one may dream rabbits repeatedly! For that matter, the rabbit may not even be one’s rabbit, but appearing with a message, question, riddle, or communication for somebody else, some world else.

When people appear:: who are they? From what time period in one’s life; past, present, strangers, all mixed together?

What experiences has one had with them when they’re ‘known’ folks? Positive, negative, tricky, trusted?

In dreams with people, the association with them clues as to whether it’s bearing a message from a before time that needs attention and integration now. Could be something ‘good’ and ‘positive’ from a past life, could be it’s showing shadow/trickery/fear from a past life that needs to be cleared up, could be it’s got elements of truth and trickery together, or it could be a false dream that seeks to become a distraction and lead astray . . . the nature of the people, the time they come from (past, present, future . .. . strangers feel like ‘future’/or present and past ‘unknowns’ with messages, sometimes they’re a not-my-dream showing::like a scanning of a big collective dream state, other people’s condition, world at large viewing), the setting, and terrain in the images are the markers that steer the direction of navigating the dream toward understanding the message held in it when there’s a message, sometimes it just a prompt or a call to action, or a preparation for something as yet to come that’s mysterious, sometimes it won’t show itself until the dreamer proves ready/worthy.

So trusted people may be a cue that the dream holds truth, or they could be allies/protective/angels/entities wearing the shape of trusted people. The flip of this would be treacherous people appearing as indicators that it’s a tricky/obscure/foggy dream to interpret, or there’s danger lurking, or forces that are parasitic/draining/enemies are in the terrain showing up as reminders me to be alert/watchful/cautious.

Animals are also guides with teachings and messages that can be direct or indirect; sometimes they want to be ‘fed’, or let out to play and where they are imparts whether they’re working in the higher realms or within the body or subconscious:: so in a building or enclosure may be a body state, outside in the ocean or skies may be higher unconscious, underground or in a cave or volcano could be subconscious, emotions . . . what’s around them as far as landscape and texture, other people, all creates the whole image that’s screening in dreamscape.

Then there’s the other beings . . . . fairies, vampires, zombies, spirits, devas, fantastical, supernatural, phenomenal, intangible . . . who show up from the subconscious otherworld’s with their own keys and doors and way of imparting information, which again is particular to one’s way of relating to these entities as to how and what is understood . . . . outside, inside, above ground, underground provide contextual zones for the information revealed being part of body state, consciousness, relation to self, big world, distractions, family, etc. Vampires may show parasitic people/places/energies draining the dreamer or other people, leprechauns may shine light on what the cellular body, physical and imaginal is up to, like a check in relating to the physical body’s state of health, what needs attention, how to provide that, what questions need to be asked, what challenges faced, what’s being avoided, and so on . . . .

Sometimes there’s a battle, but who’s fighting? People? Known or strangers? The immune system? Mind versus Feelings? Animals? Others? What’s recognizable? From when? Is it a viewing of big world? Unresolved self at war within? Unresolved self at war without? Is it a false dream or true or both? The dreamscape is often filled with clues that the dreamer personally digging around may decode as relevant, and it comes from the personal landscape and inner territory of what each of us brings to everything.

Sometimes it’s one dream repeating itself with different imagery as an attempt to get through until it finds the ‘right’ sequences of images/language that clicks and connects, once its message is digested, strikes the nerve, is integrated, does a new dream begin? We are dreaming all the time, creating our realities, shaping the world we live in, moment to moment based on how we choose to engage or not engage with our dreaming whether we remember what we dream or not; constantly shifting and changing as one dream rolls over into the next in waves that rise and fall . . . . but for the one’s who remember and excavate, there is an archeology to Dreamworld that begins to come together like pieces of a puzzle forming a picture gradually, until an aha happens, and something comes through:::a tingling, a ‘feeling’, the true dream has it’s own sort of resonance to it that is sensed, imperceptibly . . . . and then the question for dreamers who recall and remember, how and in what ways does one follow up and move the information (or not), actively ‘dreaming’ while awake . . . . something as simple as eating meat to feed the hungry lion that stopped by with a growling belly pacing between rooms, stepping outside and going on a walk to gather plants seen in dream, knocking at the door when returning the way an ally in the dream showed how, palms open, ratataptap, or face painting with mud and baking cookies with the kids, making a phone call to check in on a friend, soaking in a tub of water and drifting off to sleep . . . . .


Fey folk and leprechauns in the below worlds, animals and ancestors in the above worlds?

Below worlds: miniscule cellular body embodied within worlds, above worlds: metaphor, knowledge, and prescience?

Both worlds: tricky, misleading, misty, obscure . . . . until familiarity and practice leads to understanding the landscapes and imagery, conversations, symbols, shapes, and forms.

Comments welcome . . .

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