Fire Flight

8.2.16 Communicating White Wind Wavespell

Marigold, Nasturtium, and Evening Primrose wheel around

With Mint and Borage, spokes to Sun’s Crown;

Illumination facing East,

Calendula bring dawning that sticks to our feast!

Sunstone and Citrine circling a gift

Abundance and Energy rise strong and our spirit’s lift,

Suns Flight, wending away from fiery and leonine,

May the gifts of harvest, fresh fellowship, and health shine!

Come be with us in poem and story

In music moving long days with glory,

Red, orange, and yellow Friend,

Bless us through the winter’s end!

Isha gathered the flowers for this Medicine Wheel, centred with a gift from her to me. Sweet pea. Petal by petal, leaf by leaf; I laid this out with intention focused on abundance, (for tribe and all our neighbours/allies on this homestead that we cohabit with), healing (for Earth, for those of our tribe who need it, for sisters and brothers struggling with dis-ease, for Mum’s ear, for Catte-mao) and blessings (and cozy hearth fires and nourishing meals and calm nerves 🙂 ) in the cooler months upcoming for which we’ve been preparing by canning tomatoes from Sunflower Flats, peaches from Saunders Brothers, and bringing in the harvest of cucumber, beans, squash, cherry tomatoes, herbs, kale, and flowers from our own cocreation of Love.

It’s sunny, it’s fiery, it’s proud and regal, it’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it’s descending from now on out toward the dark half of the year. CheeseWhizz and bread. Fairies in the underworld. Subconcious. Headed to the below regions. And it’s unfolding like this wheel, petal by petal, leaf by leaf; above a pair of Hummingbirds fly sweetness over our homestead.

Opportunity comes knocking at the door, musically presented, Abida Parveen a visitor unexpected! I am prepared to share the gifts I’ve been blessed with, I am sharing them, petal by petal, page by page; and I’ve learned that while I’m choosing what to let in and what to leave out, in giving away and sharing is a Hummingbird sweetness that’s tenderly dear. A giving ‘gift’!

This Wheel showed me that I have gained a measure of patience! I feel it in my bones, it thrums and sings! So patiently I create the turnings on this New Moon that’s also Lughnasadgh; here at midsummer the seeds are drying on calendula and borage, simultaneous as they bloom, grasses have formed dry heads that bend over golden, bee balm sends out warming peppery smells, and the fragrance of Queen Anne’s Lace is surprisingly strong for such a delicacy as she; delicious in tea. We’ll gather this evening around Sun Brioche and nasturtium flecked cookies that Isha’s making and enjoy one anothers company, as we are, hustle bustle sizzle zap. I am full.

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