Fourteen: Artful Temperance

8.9.16 Communicating White Wind Wavespell

Outer square with Uncle Pine creating protective borders with Yarrow and Lamb’s Quarters, with his prolific seeding ways, recreating borders keeping them prolific. Inner squares in four corners with Pine, filled with her Hydrangeas in the North West Quadrant and opposite in the South East Quadrant, with Phlox in the North East, and Soapwort in the South West.

Inner diamond light with Bean, centered with Garlic blossom Triskele, Red Clover, Phlox, Jewelweed, and Calendula.

Hydrangea leaves fan out with Anise Hyssop and Echinecea petals winging toward Garlic blossom button tips, and the Queen of the Fae’s dainty lace in the Western half. Above in the Eastern half Echinecea feathers around Fairy Lace shoulders while Calendula circles the butterfly patterns made in her favorite spices; Cinnamon and Ginger, warming, vitalizing, heaty. The Echinecea cones anchor the four directions on the borders with immunity and impunity.

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