Fluttering heartbeats
Wings touch wings, circle and dip
Sparrows sing from trees

4 thoughts on “Dancing

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  1. I love how the sparrows chirp.. We have around twenty that roost in our bushes, that we feed regular.. they missed us while we were away, and you should have heard their song when we filled up the feeders again.. 🙂
    Beautiful poem Rose, I hope you are well.. 🙂

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    1. Imagining their chirps knowing you’ve returned to fill up, happy sparrows. 😍 Gave me a surprise to see sparrows in the apple tree that day, as they keep to down the driveway this time of year in the thorny bushes, sort of a hedgerow between where wildflowers come up and creek and woods. It’s chickadees and juncos here at this time with a few cardinals and bluejays. But there they were, all out together, sparrows on the branches, chickadees courting, a downy woodpecker and a nuthatch pecking at the tree trunk, one lone blue jay on the tree top, and lots of flying to and fro, really enjoyed it. Felt blessed they didn’t fly away when I stepped out the house into their busyness but carried on and oh it was lovely and joyous! Today a teeny wren was on the ground and at first I thought it was a mouse scurrying in leaves, rather gave me a startle 🐭 I am well, thank you Sue.

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      1. Aww your description of them all sounds magical Rose.. I love our garden birds, and they have got quite used to us, and we too have robins and I see a wren occassionally along with blue-tits.. But the sparrows can be quite feisty and shoo other small birds away, especially when they land on the feeders.. 🙂 which is why we have a few hanging to give many more a chance to feed..
        Enjoy your week Rose and I am so pleased you are well my friend 😀 Hugs Sue xx

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