Still Morning

Fingers burning cold
Frozen water makes no sound
Brightly the sun shines

4 thoughts on “Still Morning

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  1. I just discovered that WP dropped you from my “following” list so just resubscribed. Figured you were taking a break from posting and it turns out I’ve missed a lot. Will try to catch up soon. Your posts are always delightful! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Betty! I have a few blogs, this one’s mainly poetry, photographs, and stories; mine and my daughter’s over under Layla’s Corner 🙂 I think you were following my homestead, there’s a third with art too, Hearthstudio! Be warm, our well chute had ice in it and the pipe froze one night so no water for a while until we thawed it out by swaddling it in a hot pad; reminded us of how much we love running water, hot or cold, indoors!

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      1. Yes, after sending you that comment I checked my “blogs I follow” list and discovered it was a different blog of yours. Didn’t realize you had so many! Now I’ll be following two of them. 🙂
        Hope your well chute and pipes remain thawed now. That’s one luxury I would have trouble doing without – hot and cold indoor plumbing. Stay warm and think spring! (Just 2-1/2 more months! 🙂 )

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