Kitchen Herbalism Ideas for COVID-19

Great post on practical herbalism for these times.

Old Ways Herbal: Juliette Abigail Carr

Here are some thoughts on useful kitchen herbalism in this unpredictable time.  Remember that you don’t need these exact herbs; in fact, it makes a lot more sense for you to find herbs that are local to you and address the needs of your body.  Plant medicine is not one-size-fits-all, and it tends to work better when we tweak the formulas based on what is happening with you specifically (more about that, and also here).

We really don’t know all the ways this infection manifests itself, and we do not have experience working with it since it is a new virus; we’re guessing which herbs might be helpful based on what we’ve heard about the symptoms and energetics involved, but take that with a huge grain of salt as there is so much we still don’t know.  It’s also really important to use herbs that are local…

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