Art Moves

2.1.18 Blue Galactic Eagle

Art Moves came into being after I heard of BookCrossing from my sister.  Instead of novels crossing, passing from hand to hand around the world, these are journals being created as they travel.  Instead of only reading them, these are books for filling, illustrating, writing visually, and reading while being moved around the world.

The intention behind Art Moves is sharing space creatively, honoring one anothers similarities and learning differences too, simultaneously:: unique in the sense that each person is adding their own imagery individually to the journal, yet the book belongs to everyone, providing space for all hearts and visions, borderless and worldwide, to be held in the act of cocreating.

Each journal is lovingly prepared for its journey.   Some are altered books, their pages adhered together for sturdiness, then gessoed for fresh art.  Some I make by handstitching sheets of paper  inside a cover, where watercolor or mixed media paper awaits the visual story.  Some have kangaroo pockets to hold pieces of ribbon, fabric, tickets, stamps, magazine cutouts, or other ephemera.

When you discover an Art Moves journal and feel moved to engage, go home with it and share art on an available page::doodle, paint, make a few marks, incorporate words, however arting comes for you, the page is there to receive.  Make part of a page and mark it WIP for someone else to add to or finish.  If you’d prefer, add materials to the kangaroo pocket for others to use as the book bounds on its way. It may be kept for as long as needed to make heartwork, to share your story . . .

Your story, my story, our story, their story; cooking into a book of one story, emerging from what we create together.

If you are the person who made art on the last remaining page of a book, I ask that you mail it back to it’s point of origination (just follow the link to the Art Moves book you have and look at the first place tracked, it’ll have an address . . . . contact me if you want to be reimbursed for mailing costs).

This project is a work in progress, so if you have other ideas please reach out and share them . . . my thought was that a completed book, rather than being kept by any one person, be moved to a place where it can be ‘read’ by many peoples and enjoyed, and I came up with its initiatory place as one of return, well, because it’s circular and I enjoy circularity!

I’ll be tracking where these books move through as I receive information, so revisit if you’re interested too or sign up if you’re super keenly interested and you’ll be notified as I update.

Check out Instagram with the hashtag #artmovespages to see any sharings.

Currently there are three books out:

Out & About began its journey at The Blue Phoenix Cafe and Grocery,

as of 8.31.18 it’s in the United Arab Emirates, at DXB Dubai International Airport

Down To Earth began its journey in Reid Hall at Washington and Lee University

A Different Slant started out at Purple Desert Heart Guesthouse in Tucson, Arizona

Dragon Flies out of LAX 3.25.19

Blue Book was dropped 4.5.19 then picked from the refrigerator library at Brunswick Station, Melbourne Australia

Buttoned moved out of Wise Possum Nature Shop in the Dandenong village of Sassafras, Victoria, Australia 4.10.19

Aquamarine Dreams journeyed to Staunton, Virginia from Gate 9 at Charlotte International Airport 4.16.19

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