Go now, gather the threads of hatred, prejudice, and oppression then cut them loose, Empty their remains into the gaping maw of the ocean, Over the earth as waves rise up together Resisting the touch of demons who lure the eyes toward blindness, who lull toward slumber Go now, be the voice of righteous opposition... Continue Reading →

Say It

"Go and lay down on the dark Earth with your face to the ground and say it Over and over Black Lives Matter, until the Roots drink your voice and spread truth to the core then Get up and live your words in your Everyday life of freedom, maybe feel survival guilt, but Feel it... Continue Reading →

Dream Deep

Dreaming big dreams with this labyrinth, where sprays of Queen Anne's Lace dance with enthusiasm. It was painted with spring fed creek water infused with fresh Queen Anne's Lace flower essence, fuchsite and sunstone. The qualities of the essences integrated into the painting facilitate the rejuvenation of joy, creativity, inspiration, clarity, and optimism, opening doors... Continue Reading →


Continuum was painted with spring fed creek water on the new moon in the constellation of The Scorpion, and it is a two path journey . . . you enter, center, and continue anew . . .

In the Field with Else

White Electric Wind After many moons of wandering over hill and dale, through snow and gale, she comes to a clearing in the woods where the orange glow of a fire crackles, the scent of apple smoked wood meets her nostrils. An old woman sits by the flames, the hood to her cloak resting on... Continue Reading →

Earth Spirit

Walking with the Woman of the Woods with the seven circuits of this labyrinth, where autumnal leaves, turkey tail mushrooms, and the gleam in a tiger's eye do an earthy dance. It was painted with spring fed creek water infused with tiger's eye and turkey tail mushrooms, stirred with antler found in the forest. The... Continue Reading →

Book of Flowers

I began working on this book a few weeks ago.  Started with papers partially painted and collaged from over the year along with ribbons and salvaged lace from the girls petticoats poked one too many times by thorns, brambles, and twigs on forays into the woods.  While cleaning out closets, found a box of blouses... Continue Reading →


It is raining as I write. It has been raining for two days under gray skies. Early this morning a cloud of black moved as one, winged its way over tree tops to the East, caawing loudly. The creek is swollen, rushing water forcing leaves and branches from where they're piled up thickly, white waves... Continue Reading →

One Word

What's moving now:: turning old paintings, mine and our childrens', those big ones that've been around for a long while, into smaller ones, compost of sorts. Started with a big sheet that's been sitting for a while holding an acrylic painting of big flowers.  Space keeper.  Tore it into four and glued a spontaneously picked... Continue Reading →

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