Moon Love and Trust

3.27.17 Blue Galactic Night G.A.P Second Creative Practice with Moon:: Love and Trust in the Process . . . Laying in a base ground upon which to shine, moving flicking twirling wrists and shoulders into paint. 3.28.17 Yellow Solar Seed Then creating an atmosphere to seed love . . . . Collage elements selected, images... Continue Reading →

Moon Mirror

3.19.17 Nowrooz The beauty of reflection::what do I see mirrored back at me, who do I see, who is she gazing at me? Drew a pencil sketch while looking at my reflection, tracing the features that I beheld. I didn’t recognize myself in the drawing but the hand drew what the eye say and the... Continue Reading →


3.17.17 Working with Moon Sign:: Virgo:: Elements of Self Moon:: Feeling essence place, emotion, bonding, nourishing and nurturing, caregiving, healing, intuition, heartfelt connection, responses from the heart, the knowing place of this feels good or yucky, feminine, ancestral, ancient, linking and timeless, ageless, mother wisdom, self mothering, self care, watery, flowing, tidal,amniotic, safe, warm, cocoon!... Continue Reading →

Seventeen: The Star

1.17.17 Good day for this, the seventeenth: The Star in tarot! Sidereal or tropical: I’m noticing that on both charts the planetary and celestial bodies remain in the same positions, same house placements, while the signs around them are what change and thus so does the ascendant or rising sign. So the houses that are... Continue Reading →

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