Roots Reishi & Rose Syrup

Reishi has been dancing up and down the Eastern Hemlocks, adorning their bark, in these sylvan woods all spring right into summer. A dryad called me out one day, she knew they'd matured, and led me through the wilds. A triad of trees here with nymphs hiding in the trunk, a mossy bridge over bubbling... Continue Reading →


Peaches are coming in, juicy and scrumptious, so I make shrub with the skins and scraps and even some pieces plus herbs. What is a 'shrub' you ask?  A vinegar sipping beverage with fruits, sweetener, and herbs/spices dating back to the Babylonians, who mixed date vinegar with their water to make it safe to drink.... Continue Reading →

Knotweed and Morsels

Warm rainy days, cool nights, lilac's blooming, spring green bright. This is the time, after forsythia has blazed golden, gone to green, and given her petals to the ground, that the first tips of nettles emerge. It is now that most of the burdock leaves have grown enormous; the smaller ones are what make for... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Herbalism Ideas for COVID-19

Great post on practical herbalism for these times.

Old Ways Herbal: Juliette Abigail Carr, Registered Herbalist

Here are some thoughts on useful kitchen herbalism in this unpredictable time, including what we’re doing in our family for prevention and what we have on hand if we get sick.

Remember that herbs and wild foods have nurtured your ancestors through many a plague throughout the history of human animals, and that legacy of fortitude and survivorship lives on in you: what weeds connect you with your roots?

Lean in to reconnecting with the lessons of your family legacy.

Remember that you don’t need all of these exact herbs; in fact, it makes a lot more sense for you to find herbs that are local to you and address the needs of your body.  Plant medicine is not one-size-fits-all, and it tends to work better when we tweak the formulas based on what is happening with you specifically (more about that, and also here). …

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On Salve, Balm, and Buttercream

Salve, balm, butter, and cream . . . what's the difference? This came up as I recently made a batch of body salve for my cousin, who explained after receiving it that she had something creamier in mind and the salve wasn't quite that. After chatting we realized that I had made her a 'salve'... Continue Reading →


long before audumla licked the salt that shaped buri, before vasilisa walked the path to and from baba yaga's hut, before sita burned herself on a blazing pyre, before isis went in search of osiris's chopped up body, there was mummy jaan:: the good mother of my heart:: my mother's mother who combed my hair... Continue Reading →

Violet Syrup

Well, we know it's spring because the bloodroot has come and gone and trillium speckles the slopes.  Violets are dotting the grasses, their heart shaped leaves beckoning us to take a nibble.  The leaves always taste cooling to me and wet, while the flowers have a peppery bite to them.  And the sight of them... Continue Reading →

Pickled turnips

We like turnips in apple soup. We like them mashed with carrots. Also steamed, then sautéed in butter with garlic and honey, kind of caramelized. Having partaken of turnips in these ways and still there’s turnips left, the last ones pulled actually; I thought I’d pickle them for later. Here’s what I did: Peeled and... Continue Reading →

On the menu . . . wild edibles

Today I planted onions and harvested marshmallow roots (only way to describe the taste is earthy and mellow) and rhubarb all alone.  The children have been stuffed up over the past four days . . . with the exception of Girl, who pretends during the course of the day that she too is stuffy and changes... Continue Reading →

Flower Essence (Bloodroot)

Bloodroot has been catching my eye this past week, quite persistently.  Little and low to the ground, there's something very determined and cheerful about Bloodroot.  White petals and yolk yellow dotty middles, they open and close and open every day, the leaves curled up around the stems like a cape. I thought I'd make a... Continue Reading →

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