Old Face

12.27.16 Shedding Red Serpent Wavespell Once up on a mountain, in a place where fairies blew mist and fog over tree tops on balmy winter days when they wanted to come out unseen to dance and play, there lived Old Face. She looked out from a slope covered in honeysuckle and wild rose at the... Continue Reading →

Jasper’s Piggly Wigglies

Red Planetary Skywalker GAP Five little pigs finished their yogurt, oats and apples on a sweltering morning. They licked their bowls clean, and wiped beads of sweat from their faces; each with a red handkerchief. Then they looked at each other. The first little pig said, “Well I’ll be going to market”. And he picked... Continue Reading →

Dilly Dally and Silly Sally

1.8.17 Dilly Dally and Silly Sally have been playing in the snow. For days they’ve been going outside and battling Snow Trolls and Ice Giants, chucking spears and icicles at the monsters. Snow Angels and Winter Fairies have allied with them and riding upon their backs they’ve cleared the woods of trolls and giants, laying... Continue Reading →

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