Mixed Media Acrylic on 8″ x 8″ Canvas

“Flutter Woman” is one of a kind. She is brave, strong, and courageous behind her mask in this new world that is transforming daily, transforming each of us whether we know and remember it later or not.

This intuitive mixed media painting was inspired by the everpresent face mask, covid 19, and butterflies, and how they are all transformers. From clearer air and skies in parts of the world to dolphins reappearing, from stay at home days of work and school to stepping outside at a distance with face coverings, from deep sorrow, loss, and worry to courage, resilience and standing strong despite the hurdles, we are all in this chrysalis together . . . . masked or unmasked.

Flutter Woman emerged on 8” x 8” canvas covered first in layers of paper, prayers, and collage elements, then painted and infused with handcrafted lapis lazuli, apatite, and smokey quartz essences dropped into brush water.

Comments welcome . . .

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