“Peacock Woman”

Mixed Media Acrylic on 8″ x 8″ Canvas

Peacock Spirit Woman with a hint of Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, Luck, and Beauty, as well as Kindness and Patience, who is associated with this vibrant and gorgeous bird.

Peacocks are native to the Indian sub-continent where they symbolize royalty and power. In the early 17th century, Shah Jahan commissioned a Peacock Throne, given its name from the two bejeweled peacocks that were part of the ornate gold seat commissioned by this Mughal Emperor. He was also known for the Taj Mahal, and was a lover of beauty and patron of the arts. In 1739, the throne was nabbed by Nadir Shah and whisked away to his kingdom in neighbouring Persia, after which it vanished from sight though future thrones in Persia continued to be called Peacock Throne.

There are many myths surrounding this magnificent bird, who flies despite it’s massive train . . . as a teenager in Karachi, our landlady had a trio of peacocks under my bedroom window, where they made sounds akin to cats mewling in a backyard brawl (they are known to signal danger), and would often escape their enclosure and fly to a neighbours roof where they would strut and promenade while an effort to retrieve them was underway. A funny sight it was!

Peacock reminds us to walk with grace and pride and show our true colors, to boldly flaunt what we’ve got instead of hiding it away and being small or subdued when really we’re not. Call on Peacock Spirit Woman to draw strength from when you want to shine and be flamboyant, when you set out to discover what is hidden, when you seek to lead an endeavor that asks for more confidence than you feel like you have available, or to sweep away negative energies.

This intuitive painting was made on 8” x 8” canvas and infused with handcrafted lapis lazuli, apatite, and smokey quartz essences dropped into brush water.


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