Wild Rose Gusto

I am thrilled to present this labyrinth and wee book in collaboration with my sister’s spirit pot, which she pit fires in her Arizona desert home, from the earth for the earth, a perfect complement to a labyrinth! Our vision for this offering is interweaving our practices in harmony to share as an integrated whole... Continue Reading →

Amethyst Jubilance

Imbued with forsythia, lilac, lepidolite, amethyst, and citrine essences, also reflected in the colors of pigment, this 5” finger labyrinth comes with a feather from my forest abode for ‘walking’ the path by hand with. The labyrinth is 5” round with ¾” sides that are painted. There is circular space on the back to hang... Continue Reading →

Earth Angel

Maple meets oak infused in water collected from our spring fed pond, where whiskered catfish swim alongside glittering orange koi and dragonflies dart across the surface and perimeter, their shimmering wings rustling in courtship. This is the flower essence I created to use for dipping my brushes in while painting this two path labyrinth and... Continue Reading →

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