Sticks and Stones

Magnetic Blue Monkey Core Day 10.1.17 Azizeh looks at Bibi, her dark brown curls bouncing, cheeks flushed, eyes flashing while from her ruby lips words bubble out in a hot torrent. “Bibi she makes me feel suffocated! When I was a little girl I had no choice but to live with her. All I’d hear... Continue Reading →

Salaamatee is for Sharing

Wavespell Red Nurturing Moon Blue Resonant Eagle 4.8.17 “Badshaah Salaamat sighed. He had exhausted the delights his grounds had to offer him ever since his health had been restored. Completely rejuvenated, he had walked the gardens and smelled every flower that grew on shrub, tree, vine, why he had got down on his knees to... Continue Reading →

Baadshah Salaamat

Lucky White Dog Wavespell  Yellow Spectral Sun 3.4.17 “Sultan Badshaah Salaamat has built his palace on a sandy hillock overlooking the sea. It’s peachy domed roof rises up like a breast complete with pointed nipple, saluting the sky above it. The palace has curvaceous windows cut out of its walls, where Sultan Badshaah Salaamat likes... Continue Reading →


Red Planetary Skywalker GAP 2.5.17 Beaver’s last day is spent swimming and floating in the Green Lady’s tranquil cauldron. The Green Lady. She’s preparing a brew with Beaver tea, the scent of vanilla imbued in every ripple sent out by an elegant flick of Beaver tail, diving and surfacing, basking in the sun. They call... Continue Reading →

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