Equinox Blessings

Nowrooz Blessings on this glorious morning of the Vernal Equinox coupled with Lady Moon in her fullness at night, what a beautiful alliance! May the seeds we sow with nurturing sprout and grow, flourish, and provide nourishment. May the tart and puckering moments that smart also bear medicine and illumination, as do sumac berries, as... Continue Reading →

Peace Poems:1

We’ll stand united When roses cease their blooming In peaceful protest Till then, says the nightingale, Let’s join together in song


When I awaken to polka dot snow I hear the sparkle in Khanum’s eyes glow As she spins from her head Threads woven in bed Where we chortle and chuckle together. When I skip between polka dot flakes Swirling and whirling upon sleeping ground snakes Piling into a blanket inviting and cozy I see Khanum’s... Continue Reading →


  we've been working, learning, and playing with color with the growth in the garden over the past month.  were immersed in Red during this strawberry moon::clover, roses, and juicy sweet burgundy cherries. red clover took over the garden during our month out westwardly, ran right over and through the strawberries so the few we... Continue Reading →

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