Garden of Life

The garden is popping and lively now at the height of summer.  Echineacea and zinnias provide a place for butterflies to convene and sip while sitting.  The zinnias are beautiful.  I love how their petals curl open from the center, forming swirl upon swirl of soft tongues that shape a whole flower head.  Amidst them... Continue Reading →

Amazing Hatching

It was three weeks ago when I went out to feed our hens. We currently have 12 hens and 3 roosters. I emerged from the coop and heard a most suspicious peeping sound. Looking to investigate, I entered the run and, there in the highest nesting box, was a hen with three chicks! I got... Continue Reading →


One of our chickens, a Silver Hamburg to be exact, had been acting funnily for some time: puffing up and squawking whenever any one came near her; chicken, dog, cat or human.  Of course I had no idea of what to make of it so I left her alone. Now we also had a broody... Continue Reading →

When 14 is not enough: Cock’s Fight

Two roosters and fourteen hens Seems like there's plenty to share, But those roosters just don't care To divide between them seven and seven, Neat and tidy, half and half No sense of humor they won't even laugh, Instead it's to  a cock fight they go Swaggering and shaking their feathers you know, While they... Continue Reading →

Hatching chicks . . .

24 days ago we set up a broody box outside the coop in the run.  It's a black rubber tub that we filled with straw and covered with some plywood boards.  Into this we put a waterer, a tray of corn, and our Mama Hen: a beautiful, buff rock henny who was picked because she... Continue Reading →

a bit of light, a bit of warm water

it's amazing what a difference light and water makes to the laying cycles of a hen.  the past three years, since we first started keeping chickens, come thanksgiving the hens would lay maybe one egg a week and by winter solstice none at all.  they'd begin laying again, one egg a week at first, somewhere... Continue Reading →

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