There is a place called home, far away from Rome, from where we roam and return. Season's turning and the garden we seeded and grew this year is drawing near to close.  It gave of itself as a place of pleasure, work and leisure, medicine food and flowers, sitting with butterflies for hours, crooning bees,... Continue Reading →

Bit Bit

And just like that, after painting Wood Duck last month, two have returned to the pond to paddle.  Not for long though, as our dog flushes them out and they wing up through cloudy skies, circling round and round to see whether we're gone.  Every year they come from wherever they've been to shape a... Continue Reading →


We are a house of birds.  All spring and summer a family of starlings made their home outside a window, up in a hole under the eaves where a soffit fell out.  They'd fly to and fro with worms for their chicks, disappearing and reappearing from in and out the hole.  Later they'd hop out... Continue Reading →

Springing Along

Lilac has perfumed the air and blossomed; the wind and rain have blown away spent blooms but not before we gathered flowers to infuse in a syrup that's handy to soak pound cake with, drizzle over pancakes, or add a splash to lemonade later in the year, a reminder of lovely lilac days.  Spring is... Continue Reading →

spring through fall

the pond and creek have been the source of joyful leaping bounteous play all year.  with the spring rains the creek filled up and as it became warmer outside the children found themselves drawn to the water often.  they worked together to dam up a goodly sized pool space that they removed rocks and leaves... Continue Reading →

gathering time

The gathering time is here again, To gather with our plant friends deeply drawing in their smells While they breathe in ours . . . The sharing time is here again, To share with our plant friends a smile, a laugh, a touch, a listening While they speak for hours . . . . I... Continue Reading →

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