Reply to Lady Friday

5.24.19 Blue Electric Monkey Dear Lady Friday, That’s a lovely story you shared, thank you so much. I’m immensely fond of a tale . . . well, truth be told, a tale or two or three or more! I shall hold this one near to heart. Would that I had a tale to return, alas,... Continue Reading →

From Thursday, To Monday

5.18.19 Red Planetary Serpent Monday, While I am sure you would prefer to be placated, frankly your message alarms me. For once I am in agreement with most of our siblings. Is your obsession with mortals fueled by desire to outdo Friday? If it is rivalry that drives you, then indeed, it is beyond petty and... Continue Reading →

Urgent! From Monday to Thursday

5.17.19 Yellow Solar Seed Most Venerable Elder Brother Thursday, You know I hold you in great esteem, which is the reason I turn to you wrought with despair due to our sister, Friday. No matter what I do, the mortals of the earthly realm are ever in her thrall! As though she ever cared enough... Continue Reading →

Letter from Lady Friday

5.8.19 Blue Cosmic Eagle My dear sweet Rose, I suffer not from the ailments that affect you mortals, though having heard through the eons of your travails I certainly do not envy your kind, and although I do sympathize I also rejoice without apology that I am above such afflictions. You must visit dogwood where... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Lady Friday

5.3.19 White Galactic Dog Dear Lady Friday, Two carpenter bees battled each other to be the first to relay your message to me; they were so rolled up in their fight that a third slipped around them and delivered it in their stead! Your finely liveried messenger immediately became the subject of their combined attack... Continue Reading →

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