surface deep:: black and white # 2

All eyes on the pond for a look at the forecast:: hmm, cloudy.  Though if you shift a little and look past the mirror there's a whole world underneath that's elusive and slippery, like the fish spawning so deceptively still in their love making huddle . .. . until you try catching one and then,... Continue Reading →

A clean pond . . .

Two spring equinoxes ago we had a green algae profusion multiplying across the pond, which had taken on a fluorescent neon glow all over.  The algae was thick at the bottom and had made its way to the top, where it was spreading. We think it had this growth burst for a few reasons, one... Continue Reading →

On the Water

The pond has been beckoning us since it warmed up.  The temptation to get in the water has been great.  Too much for four children who can barely doggie paddle:  solution: build a raft or something to get on the water without needing to swim.  Hence, we've been building boats the past week . .... Continue Reading →

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