In the Field with Else

White Electric Wind After many moons of wandering over hill and dale, through snow and gale, she comes to a clearing in the woods where the orange glow of a fire crackles, the scent of apple smoked wood meets her nostrils. An old woman sits by the flames, the hood to her cloak resting on... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale Field Notes: Clever Else

10.05.18 Yellow Rythmic Sun To begin, a full transcript to Clever Else can be read here. Three worlds, lower, middle, upper, this tale traverses, starting in the confined bowels of the heroine's, Else’s, father's cellar where she's dispatched to return with beer.  Have you ever been in a cellar?  When we'd go to Iran during... Continue Reading →

Five Poplars and a cabin

Five Poplars are ever so giving! The milled wood was beamed and planked and now the cabin frame is up this summer solstice! We've all been putting our helping hands to work with our neighbour and friend, building the little cabin together by the pond, which it's my hope will be used as a schoolhouse... Continue Reading →

factor trees and janus

tenderfoot has requested that we do more number work.  so we've visited hobjolia again:  a land i created some years ago that is entered through a portal. the portal is found on trees with 'posted' signs, and only the ones that have direct sun or moonlight on them act as a gateway to hobjolia.  you have... Continue Reading →

the lion and the mouse

sher khan, mightiest of all lions and noblest of all the woodland creatures, was king of the forest.  he made his home in a rocky cave, with his wife and two children who kept the floors swept and the walls clean.  he held court from his throne, a huge rock above the cave, and all... Continue Reading →

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