Rain, do

  It didn’t rain last night or the night before, someone dipped the sky into a tub of indigo it sparkled white where the dye resisted -or maybe those were stars dissolving into the firmaments fabric- It didn’t rain this morning, the sun glowered and the gladiolas withered under his hot gaze, weeping just a... Continue Reading →

Humming Bird

I met a girl Clothed in emerald green A red scarf sparkling around her shoulders She flashed by careening, One second cartwheeling and humming, Another second her nose in a book, She came hovering over, All the while her fingers moved Plying a needle and thread Through roses. She looked at me, Chocolate eyes flashing... Continue Reading →


She practices devotion Crafting perfumes that uplift souls Teetering on the brink of madness She brings them to banks rich with wild rose Crafting perfumes that uplift souls From lavender worlds where dew drops dream She brings them to banks rich with wild rose As one, songbirds greet the dawn From lavender worlds where dew... Continue Reading →

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